Molecular Sieve Powders

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Proprietary Molecular Sieves

The following Activated Zeolites / Molecular Sieves are manufactured in-house on a proprietary basis.  

Activated Zeolite Powders

Common Application

3A Powder

3A activated zeolite powder is perfect for sealants, coatings, adhesives, and paintings

4A Powder

4A molecular activated sieve powder is commonly used to remove moisture from polyurethane polymer systems. It deals with moisture issues without causing further problems with shelf-life viscosity and the likes.

5A Powder

Our 5A activated zeolite powder is applied as a filling material in food, medicine, cosmetics, plastic, rubber, paint, insulating glass, electronic components, and more.

13X Powder

Similar to the 5A variant, 13X is applied to wide applications. However, it can achieve deeper dehydration and better adsorption of trace moisture. Also, it can adsorb acid gasses like hydrogen sulfate and carbon dioxide to improve the physical and chemical properties of products or materials.

PU Powder

Proprietary mix of Activated Zeolite Powders specifically formulated for use with Polyurethane.

MFI Powder

MFI zeolites are widely used for automotive emission control, industrial off-gas purification, and VOC, NOx and N2O reduction. As process catalysts, they are best suited for fuel upgrading, production of petrochemical intermediates and processing of chemicals. Pentasil zeolites are also ideal for adsorption in odor removal.

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