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Proprietary Molecular Sieves

The following Activated Zeolites / Molecular Sieves are manufactured in-house on a proprietary basis.  

Microsieve Beads are available in multiple industry standard bead sizes.  The products below are generally available in common sizes.

Activated Zeolite Beads

Common Application

3A Beads

  • Production of insulated glass;
  • Dehydrating natural gas; 3A molecular sieves are used to remove water vapor.
  • Drying unsaturated hydrocarbons such as Ethylene, propylene, and butadiene.

4A Beads

  • Drying and removing CO2 from natural gas, air, and atmospheric gasses.
  • Removal of ammonia, hydrocarbons, and methanol from gas streams.
  • Dehydration of drugs and unpreserved chemicals when packing.
  • Removal of moisture in paints and plastic objects.
  • Dehydration of drugs and unpreserved chemicals when packing.

5A Beads

  • Removal of H2O, CO2, and H2S from natural gas streams.
  • Purification of O2 and N2 gasses while removing CO from H2 streams.
  • Separation of normal paraffins from hydrocarbons.

13X Beads

  • Separation of enriched oxygen from the air
  • Production of bulk oxygen in PSA units
  • Production of medical oxygen in oxygen concentrators
  • Natural gas sweetening

Specialty Beads

If you require a specialty product we do not manufacture, feel free to contact us for sourcing.  We have access to partner manufacturer products including quick quality activated zeolites and binder free types.

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